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About the Client

The founder’s great grandson, who followed the entrepreneurial foot-steps of his ancestors, decided to modernize the company’s business model. The business’ success throughout the years came through its word-of-mouth generated by its strong reputation and loyalty from its clients. This entrepreneur appreciated that, but decided to go bigger. Exporting and having a global presence was the company’s next step.


• Their logo was strictly text with no design to reflect on their business.
• Their exporting was limited.
• International clients couldn’t find them.
• No online presence.

elleithy tannery logo


We appreciated and absorbed the company’s story and its road to success. We used its strongest success factor in its branding when developing it; the company’s history. We reflected that strength in the logo and brand identity, creating a modern tweak to a historical legacy.

Website Design

We designed and developed a responsive website for El Leithy Tannery. The website allowed them to have a global online presence for clients around the world to find them. They now have the best brochure to showcase everything they can do and not be restricted to only word-of-mouth clients.

elleithy tanner responsive website